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  • 1.5.0   refactor: version 1.5.0
    Release 1.5.0

    Release notes for 1.5.0


    feat: events for user registration via frontend #51
    feat: UserAlreadyExistsException
    feat: Avatar Upload
    feat: AnonymiseUsers console tool #49


    fix: do not use in register process if user was not created
    fix: prevent auto formsubmit for social registrars
    fix: show correct error message on user auth error
    fix: dinnerclash/dinnerclash#40
    fix: hide load after register success
    fix: resend activation mail
    fix: hide loader after registration submit

    refactor: immediately send registration if social form is submitted
    refactor: removec height calc - design must specified this
    refactor: username length restriction 40 -> 50
    refactor: dinnerclash/dinnerclash#22 - language switch at the profile
    refactor: registration link height calc fixed

  • 1.4.0   refactor: version 1.4.0
    Release 1.4.0

    Release notes for 1.4.0


    feat: back link on registration error
    feat: SendUserMails -> mail limits and user statistics
    feat: autocomplete for address fields
    feat: required and showed field settings for address fields in the frontend user profile management
    feat: make round and dinner title available in mail translations dinnerclash/dinnerclash#24
    feat: re-send activation mail on login #48
    feat: clear frontend-users cache on setup
    feat: 'to profil' option for UserIcon
    feat: Profile control -> onSaveEnd event
    feat: authentication settings texts and style
    feat: selectable authenticators for frontend login
    feat: additional placeholders for registration mails


    fix: missing translation
    fix: sendusermails for test user
    fix: correctly handle activation mail re-send errors
    fix: show msg on password change error
    fix: RegistrationSignUp -> hide password input if disabled in settings #45

    refactor: changes to allow async registration/authentication via third-party callback
    refactor: locale DE Sie / sie
    refactor: dev master has no version
    refactor: change info message box icon; removed debug log

    style: RegistrationSignUp -> Loader type change
    style: RegistrationSignUp -> changed icon for name input

  • 1.3.0   refactor: version 1.3.0
    Release 1.3.0

    Release notes for 1.3.0


    feat: optional first and last name input for registration via email dinnerclash/planung-und-projektierung#8
    feat: show login on registrationSignUp site if e-mail already exists #40
    feat: User data mobile optimized.
    feat: Standard QUIQQER css classes for message boxes.
    feat: Button css class for delete button.
    feat: default success message for ActivationVerification
    feat: setting for default avatar icon #34
    feat: SendUserMails console tool -> set new password feature candyman-gmbh/projektplanung#23
    feat: New Attribute for Loigin and RegistrationsSignUp controls: header.
    feat: Login Control Extended, its now possible to set an own ownRedirectOnLogin function; Login Control has now in import event
    feat: quiqqer/quiqqer#882 - use frontend users login if user was logged out
    feat: set LOCALE lang in SendUserMails console tool
    feat: Registration control -> getRegisteredUser()
    feat: SendUserMails console tool -> send test mail before mass-sending emails
    feat: SetUserGroups console tool
    feat: SendUserMails -> set mail sender address and name
    feat: SendUserMails console tool
    feat: onQuiqqerFrontendUsersUserDelete event
    feat: add permission check for category save ajax method
    feat: Login opens when location ancor is #login
    feat: login has now the possiblity to set the authenticators which are displayed


    fix: set correct value for country of form reloads #43
    fix: user attribute length check in registration quiqqer/frontend-users#41 quiqqer/frontend-users#42
    fix: stops address validation from messing up email-registration-settings
    fix: animation for login window on existing e-mail at registration
    fix: correctly check if an e-mail address already exists in registrationSignUp
    fix: do not show registration info if a message is shown #39
    fix: fixed registration process with old registration site type
    fix: hide registration site content if a message is shown #39
    fix: JS errors on activation success page quiqqer/frontend-users#38
    fix: Do not display sing in links if fullscreen setting is not enabled.
    fix: correct selector for profile delete btn
    fix: frontend -> only parse social login buttons if they exist
    fix: redirect with meaningful message and manually clickable link after activation quiqqer/template-cologne#49
    fix: correct behaviour if no registrar is passed via GET in registration site type
    fix: template-cologne#46
    fix: consider if the user is already logged in
    fix: inject loader at login import
    fix: load FU correct at compatibility mode
    fix: tooltip at registration signup error will be destroyed after 3 seconds
    fix: double reload prevented
    fix: login window is now higher, because of pw reset link
    fix: SetUserGroups console tool -> build correct WHERE statement
    fix: missing variable definition
    fix: correctly check permission on profile save
    fix: double open of site windows
    fix: terms click in site window
    fix: captcha undefined
    fix: ajax bool vars workaround
    fix: get login redirect -> package param fixed
    fix: do not open confirm popup if account deletion confirm email is re-sent
    fix: login window -> password reset -> cancel button z index
    fix: UserData JS error

    refactor: removed quiqqer/watcher from requirements #28
    refactor: max username length
    refactor: removed version from composer.json
    refactor: removed version from composer.json
    refactor: program flow on activation quiqqer/frontend-users#38
    refactor: do not show extra infos when displaying a frontend-users message on the registration site #39
    refactor: registrationSignUp -> do not show content element if no content exists #37
    refactor: composer.json dependencies
    refactor: Unused css classes deleted.
    refactor: Template specyfic design removed.
    refactor: removed checklist.md5
    refactor: its now possible to use images in frontend auth methods
    refactor: SetUserGroups console tool -> allow empty language
    refactor: Registration control -> getRegisteredUser() public
    refactor: handle message display and redirect on registration
    refactor: throw Exception if it is thrown in UserDeleteConfirmVerification onSucces()
    refactor: removed unnecessary code
    refactor: fix curser on close button
    refactor: loader background is now transparent
    refactor: show 'user saved' message only for certain frontend user category submits
    refactor: added username as variable in delete account confirm popup