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  • 1.2.0   refactor: version 1.2.0
    148faabd · Update composer.json ·
    Release 1.2.0

    Release notes for 1.2.0


    feat: Show brick title if an error "A Brick with the title already exists" occurred.
    feat: Box content advanced has order (priority) setting.
    feat: new brick "Advanced box content" added
    feat: Promoslider (simple) has arrows to navigate throug the slides (setting).
    feat: #60 - You can create 2 bricks with the same name
    feat: #93
    feat: New attribute for promoslider: image size, to control speed up of page load.
    feat: New setting for customer review brick: show max. number of random entires.
    feat: data-qui-options-* attributs in bricks.xml will no longer be ignored.
    feat: #95


    fix: show captcha error even if JavaScript is disabled package-sitetypes#10
    fix: ignore empty image loading
    fix: implode deprecated -> param order
    fix: template smarty param -> better readable
    fix: db xml -> better index
    fix: for wrong primary key
    fix: quiqqer#864 - xml miss configuration
    fix: after array_filter we need a new complete array, because of json_encode and object return
    fix: int parsing for isDisabled and newTab
    fix: new tab -> object mix fix
    fix: is disabled -> dont destroy the json
    fix: loosens check if isMobileSlidesEnabled == true
    fix: corrects selector for getting the label of PromosliderSettingsOnlyContent
    fix: corrects reading default status of ToggleMobileSlideSetting
    fix: Check if SlideSettings HTML Node exists.
    fix: show info about accepted privacy policy in SimpleContact email if sent from brick #114
    fix: fnmatch() expects parameter 2 to be a valid path, array given
    fix: #90
    fix: json_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given
    fix: dont save numeric key values; css saving bug fixed
    fix: brick typ check at brick saving
    fix: project cache clearing at brick saving
    fix: refactor: quiqqer#902 + code performance
    fix: Content brick shows now frontend title. HTML structure reworked.
    fix: Allow ":" and "/" characters in content brick too.
    fix: CSS classes with : and / should work now.
    fix: Solved problem with duplicated CSS classes in brick settings.
    fix: ContentSwitcher: content has no padding on mobile.

    refactor: Wrong variable name for locale.
    refactor: mobild and desktop detection -> server side -> deleted
    refactor: mobild and desktop detection -> server side
    refactor: added requirement -> mobile-detection
    refactor: code cleanup
    refactor: code style
    refactor: improves check of value == true by using parseInt()
    refactor: removed version from composer.json
    refactor: code excaption handling optimized
    refactor: refactor: korrektur sprachvariable
    refactor: korrektur sprachvariable