Verified Commit 2aada6ca authored by Jan Wennrich's avatar Jan Wennrich 🎓

feat: added login-table to database.xml (#890)

parent 1c4708e9
......@@ -167,6 +167,25 @@
<table name="logins">
<!-- user id -->
<field type="INT(11)">uid</field>
<!-- IP-address (max length 45: -->
<field type="VARCHAR(45)">ip</field>
<!-- date and time of the login (attempt) -->
<field type="DATETIME">date</field>
<!-- Login successful? Boolean -->
<field type="TINYINT(1)">successful</field>
<!-- Further user data like browser fingerprint or location -->
<field type="TEXT NULL">user_data</field>
<!-- Type of login (e.g. front-/back-end, CLI, CRON) -->
<field type="VARCHAR(20) NULL">type</field>
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